Friday, March 14, 2008

FMJ - Day 714 "The Great Gas Out!"

March 14: Today, I decided to participate in a "Gas Out." I didn't use any gasoline -- just hoofed it! The kids were home from school and Maya had her friend stay the night last evening. So, we all just stayed home! In the afternoon, we took a walk down to the McDonald's on Yosemite Ave. It's about a two mile walk round trip. At the entrance to our development rested 2 quarter atop the wall of the flowerbed which encloses our development's sign. What a find! I'll credit it to the "Gas Out!" The kids picked up 3 cans along the walk.

Unfortunately, it won't be a full day's refrain from gas usage -- my wife still had to drive to work and we're planning to drive to Cerritos to stay the night with my mother-in-law who as of this morning had surgery to a foot. She's on crutches for a few days and requires some help around the house. But, I do figure that I saved at least 2 gallons of gas from being consumed... it's a grain of sand in the grand scheme of the gas crisis but maybe it we all practice a few days of conservation, we'd could have a meaningful effect on these spiraling gas prices.

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