Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The New Found Money Jar

July 21, 2009: Beginning today, I'm restarting the Found Money Jar. I just completed the buildout of Oddfellow's Books and have had the shop open for business since June 23, 2009. We're not seeing significant sales as yet but we are seeing increasing visits to the shop and our daily sales are closing in on our "half breakeven point." I was not expecting to hit breakeven in the first six months and do expect to lose money for the first 18 months. What do we need in sales to break even each month? Without hiring anyone, our fixed expenses are running $1,045.00 per month. In the first few months, our overall cost will be higher due to printing and signage costs. We're starting a coupon advertising campaign next month further increasing our overall expenses as the schools start their fall semesters. Hopefully, with school back in session, our sales should rise.

Why restart the FMJ? My daily routine is beginning to be more settled so I have time now to devote to my eccentric hobbies. I did keep a tally of all finds during the time away. I found a twenty dollar bill and 8 quarters ... about $25.00 in total. The new FMJ will include the old tally and a separate tally for all new finds.

So, come back tomorrow if you're reading this a see the new tally posting. I found 77 cents today while vacuuming the Jaguar at the Yosemite Ave. Shell station. So, there's my first daily post... ENJOY!