Friday, December 17, 2010

Not Much Found...

December 17, 2010: I found a penny today in front of Big 5 sporting Goods in Simi Valley. Since my last post, I've found $1.45.

Quarters - 2
Dimes - 6
Pennies - 35

Total Found in 2010: $13.02
Total finds since last post: $1.45
Total Found Since January 1, 2000: $1,045.26

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Anonymous said...

I have been saving found money for about 6 six years, I have jars of coins all over my house, I have never counted it because I would be likely to spend it, I am looking forward to being a little old lady with lots of jars of money. Maybe I will bury them in the yard as a project for my kids to work on long after I am gone