Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recycling Update!

September 29: I have been experimenting with making drop-offs at a weigh-only center for our recycling that it nearer to my daughter's school. The attendant will handcount up to 50 bottles or cans for a manual receipt. This is rather slow but at least you get full value for the deposits. I've made several trips as it's location is along our way to pick-up my daughter from school and not much extra gas is consumed in the process. I've reduced my stash to the tune of $9.45 and I've added this amount to the B&C Fund.

This Day's Bottles & Cans Collected: N/A
Collection for the month: 366
Bottles and Cans in 2009: 683
Bottles & Cans Fund: $1,411.80 (Running Balance)


Petes blog said...

Excellent,very well laid out indeed.Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Here in Hawaii the redemption center I go will let you hand count up to 200 bottles. I have managed to get/save quite a sum though not as much as I should have saved.