Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hey, big finds in the prior six weeks!

On September 30th, while attending a big sale at the Simi Valley Goodwill where I "cherry-pick" the good books sometimes for my Oddfellow's Book Shop, I found $18.00in the parking lot.

On October 10, I found a $5.00 dollar bill at the CVS store in Simi.

On November 12, I found 23 dimes and a penny in the coin counting machine at the Von's on Yosemite Ave.

On November 16, I found a $10 bill in front of the Simi Valley thrift shop on L.A. Ave.

Last Sunday, I found 9 quarters in the L.A. Times vending machine coin return shoot near the Carl's Jr. on L.A. Ave.

Also, found 2 quarters, 5 dimes, a nickel and 20 pennies in various other some finds since my last post.

Total finds since last post: $38.81
Total Found Since January 1, 2000: $1,031.04


Man said...

Apparently some people aren't too worried about securing their cash.

Nice finds.

Anonymous said...

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