Tuesday, July 25, 2006

$50.00 bill found on Day 120!

The kids and I needed to make a very necessary trip to the bank... No cash left in our wallets after the big east coast trip. It was a very fruitful excursion as Ajay found a $50.00 bill lying in the grass near our parking space. That boy sure can make good finds... He's got some kind of lucky magic. Earlier this year, he found a $20.00 bill while grocery shopping with his mommy. My wife was in total disbelief about this find... She said we should take the bill to the bank to make sure it's real. I checked it... it's most certainly real! GOOD GOING BOY!

FMJ Blog Day 120 marks the 2032 day since we started the Found Money Jar project. Here's a few stats:

Average daily finds: 27 cents per day.
Average annual finds: $98.55
Total Value of FMJ Stock holdings as of today: 15 shares of PEI = $586.05
Original amount paid for PEI Stock: $202.50 (from found money jar funds)
Cash payment in Lieu of Fractional Shares at Merger: $5.85 (added back to found money)
Total Amount Invested from Found Money Jar: $196.65
Total Dividends Received since merger of Crown American and PEI: $83.25 (held separately since 2/26/04)
Annual Dividend Income from Stocks: $34.20

FMJ Net Worth: $1017.89

(FMJ Net Worth Formula: Found Money less invested funds + Stock Value + Dividend account = NW)

FMJ - Total Found: $545.24
Since Blog Inception: $85.64

Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $444.08


Brian said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, as it were!

Sweet find by Ajay. I'm envious...

Nice stats breakdown. I wish I could bring myself to invest the funds...

Bailey said...

Congrats on the big find!

I also once found a $50!

I was so amazed that it was just sitting there. I didn't believe it.

That is awesome!