Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On Vacation!

The Found Money Jar blog will be on "hiatus" until July 25, 2006. We are leaving for the east coast tomorrow afternoon on Jetblue Airways. Got another wedding to attend in New York (Long Island to be exact.) Then, we'll travel down Route 95 to Washington, D.C. to visit Grandma and our D.C. friends. Also, we've got to check on our vacant house in Potomac Falls, Virginia. We return on July 23 but we most likely need a few days to get back up and running. Vacation Recovery mode is about 48 hours at least.

Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

The Found Money Jar Staff

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Bailey said...

Best of luck finding change on the trip.

I have always had great luck at airports. Normally when I have some time to kill, which is pretty normal while travling, I walk around the newsstands and shops and can find a good amount of change near the check-out counters.

As for change at the wedding, you should read my post from MY wedding. If I can find change during my OWN wedding reception, you can do the same at someone else's wedding!