Monday, July 24, 2006

FMJ Finds for Days 107 thru 118

The following is a list of the known finds made while traveling for twelve days of vacation. On Day 107 -- No finds. Day 108 -- 2 pennies. Day 109 - 34 cents (3 dimes & 4 pennies) found while shopping at Tyson's Corner Mall. 2 pennies found at a Burger King in Baltimore, MD. A nickel and 5 pennies found at various stops while driving to NYC. Day 110 -- A dime found at T.J. Maxx Store on Glen Head Road in Carle Place, NY. 1 penny found in the parking lot at T.J. Maxx. 12 cents (dime & 2 pennies) found at the 7-11 in Glen Cove, NY. 2 cents found at Dunkin Donuts in Carle Place, NY. Day 111 -- A penny was found while shopping at Roosevelt Field Mall in Glen Head, NY. 13 cents (a dime & 3 pennies) found while snacking at Taco Bell in Glen Cove, NY. Day112 -- While driving back to D.C., we found a penny at the Getty Gas Station on Richmond Ave. Exit along Rt. 278 in Staten Island, NY. Day 113 -- 21 cents found while grocery shopping at Gaint Food on Colesville Rd. in Silver Spring, MD. Day 114 -- No Finds. Day 115 -- 18 cents ( a dime and 8 pennies) found while shopping again at Tyson's Corner Mall. Day 116 -- No finds. Day 117 -- 3 pennies found at the Burger King on Route 7 in Sterling, VA. 13 cents ( dime and 3 pennies) found at the 7-11 in the Countryside Shopping Center in Sterling. Day 118 -- While dropping of the rental car at Dulles Airport, Maya found a 25 cents ( 1 quarter.) At the airport, I found a nickel and Ajay 3 pennies. We found a total of $1.76 during our vacation to the east coast. FMJ - Total Found: $495.13 Since Blog Inception: $35.53 Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $444.08

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Mrs. Krabs said...

Cool! You found a penny in my borough not to far from my home in Staten Island! Hopefully the locals treated you well (hot weather makes for some odd driving practices out here).