Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ajay's Enlightenment.

Today, I must tell you about a decision my son, Ajay, who's six years old, made about a certain birthday gift he received this year. His birthday was in February. The theme was Stars Wars... he has watched every episode at least a dozen or more times and can repeat verbatim and with inflexion most of the characters lines. It's truly amazing to hear and see him do his impressions. Anyway, he received many Star Wars toys and collectibles including the one in the picture which is unopened. It sells in a range of about $50 to $100 on Ebay depending on it condition... This one is absolutely MINT!

Ajay was bored this afternoon and went in the garage where he found the Han Solo and Tauntaun... he brought it to me to open saying "dad, you forgot to open this on my birthday." I replied, "no, we didn't forget... Ajay, this is a collectible Star Wars figure that Uncle Joe gave you... He gave you many other Star Wars toys but asked that we keep this one until your old enough to care for it." Ajay was very inquisitive at that moment as earlier in the day... we had settled his "allowance money." He made some purchases recently about $30.00 worth -- a Star Wars Force Action Lightsaber, playground ball and a Phillies 2007 Baseball Calendar at the 99 Cents store. Ajay asks, "collectible what does that mean?" So, I looked for it on Ebay and showed him the various prices... which lead to a discussion about if it would be more fun to sell it or open it? He decided he was more interested in getting $100 for it and chose to sell it this coming Christmas and save the money he gets from it. Ajay made a very pragmatic choice for a six year old. Better choice than I think I would have made at his age.

As for his allowance, he gets a Five spot each Friday to spend on whatever he wants... most weeks he'll save it! He's saved $180.00 from his allowance since his 5th birthday and $90.00 in birthday money. Among this money is a treasured $50.00 bill he received from his auntie who lives in India.


Brian said...

Ajay sounds like me when I was young. I think it's great that he's learning the art of personal finance so early. Kudos, Ajay...

... Separately, does he like the Phillies?

AndyfromSimi said...

He like anything baseball these days... The 99 Cents Only store had several 2007 baseball calendars Mets, tigers, phillies... he chose Phillies! And a David Wright calendar... he's cut out the pictures and tacked them in his room.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Way to teach your child that money is the only thing that matters in life. He's six freakin' years old! It's a plastic toy. Let the kid play with it!

Keep this up, and I'm sure your son will grow up into a joyless, unimaginative, materialistic, shallow adult. The kind who goes to college not to learn, but to "Get the piece of paper."


Lest you think I'm completely negative, I find your blog hilarious most of the time.