Saturday, January 24, 2009

FMJ - Day 1029

January 23: I found a dime and a penny when I stopped at Jack in the Box for breakfast. Stopping to check the air in the Solara's tire, I find a penny near the air machine. The Shell station on Yosemite Ave. has a new air nozzle... make life easier when you need tire air. We went to the Macy's in Simi Valley Town Center, My family and I were one of 4 customers in the store that I saw in the hour we were there. People just aren't shopping any more. Usually on a Friday night in months past, the Macy's would be filled with customers -- not any more. I think the store will most likely close soon unless the traffic picks up. We didn't find anything to buy, I did find a penny on the floor in the shoe section.

This Day's Money Finds: $.13
This Month's Total: $3.20
Total Found Since January 1, 2000: $949.87
This Day's Bottles & Cans Collected: 3
Bottles and Cans this month: 63
Bottles & Cans Fund: $1,330.60 (Running Balance)

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