Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome, President Obama!

January 20, 2008: A new beginning for the American People! May the New Presidential Administration having good winds and tidings on this new voyage in the American adventure! GOOD LUCK, MR. OBAMA!

I found a dime at Del Taco on Cochran Ave. where I had my breakfast. A stop for money at the ATM and I find a penny. I found three more pennies in front of Carl's Jr. on Erringer Rd.

This Day's Money Finds: $.14
This Month's Total: $2.74
Total Found Since January 1, 2000: $949.41
This Day's Bottles & Cans Collected: 7
Bottles and Cans this month: 57
Bottles & Cans Fund: $1,330.60 (Running Balance)

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