Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FMJ - Day 156

On Day 156, my 320i arrived at the shipping terminal in Carson, CA... about 55 miles from Simi Valley. So, the afternoon was spent retrieving the car so I wouldn't incur any storage fees -- $25.00 per day. I drove my 733i to Carson and parked it on a residential street. Ajay and I walked to the terminal. Upon arriving, Ajay immediately noticed the 10 or more trucks with car trailers. Needless to say, he was impressed! We found 4 pennies while walking to the terminal. After paying for the car shipment, we drove my 320i to our cousin's house in Cerritos, CA... my little bimmer will spend a few nights there until I can drive it back to Simi Valley on the weekend. Last night, my wife's cousin, Kunal, drove us back to Carson to pick up my other car. While in Cerritos, we stopped at Cartridge World (the shop owned by "Uncle Kunal.") There, Ajay spent an hour learning how to clean and refill ink-jet cartridges. While he was doing that, I was busy at the sheriff's office getting an street parking permit for the 320i. Found 25 cents - 1 quarter - newspaper box change shoot! In the evening, I found 3 game tokens, I vietnamese coin and a 20 cent Hong kong coin. NEAT! Found them in the coin counting machine at the Ralph's grocery in Cerritos. Total found on Day 156 - 29 cents!

FMJ - Total Found: $558.07
Since Blog Inception: $97.47
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $496.24

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Brian said...

Maybe mine will arrive on day 1,156. I'll keep you posted.