Monday, August 07, 2006

TACO MESA in Costa Mesa! DAY 133

For FMJ Day 133, we found just 5 pennies. The first find was made during a stop in the morning at Ralph's in Wood Ranch -- 1 penny. The next find was made on the way to Luguna Beach, CA during a lunch stop in Westwood Village at Falafel King -- another penny. We enjoyed our afternoon at the beach in Laguna. While returning on the Pacific Coast Hwy. (PCH), we decided to have dinner at Taco Mesa, a restaurant my wife and I haven't eaten at in 10 years or more. Wondering whether it still existed, we called 411. Yep. That two-bit joint is still in business on 19th street in Costa Mesa. Food was good but not how I remember it. They used to serve the largest and most tasty burrito in all of L.A. Oh, well... found a penny there for old times sake.
Our last find was two pennies at a non-descript gas station off the 405.

Returned our collected bottles and cans on Day 133. We received $4.56.

FMJ - Total Found: $547.63
Since Blog Inception: $88.03
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $469.44

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