Monday, October 09, 2006

FMJ - Day 196

Our tennis team had a match against the Moorpark #1 team... I was to bring Chips and Dip to the match and made a quick stop at Von's on Tierra Rejada Rd. in Moorpark. Upon entering the store, I noticed the coin counting machine's reject hopper was completely full of coins... Apparently, whoever was using the machine didn't check or notice that the machine will reject coins it finds unworthy and left the money. The FMJ staff gave it a good home. Total find: 161 pennies.

After the match, my wife and I had lunch at The Habit in Thousand Oaks. I had the Santa Barbara Cobb salad -- I have that again and again as I was delicious! Found a penny whilst paying the bill. We lost our doubles match in three sets (6-7, 6-1, 6-3). Our team captain keeps switching the teams up for each week's match... I wish he'd let us choose our partners... I can't get grooved in doubles like this. There's just no way to find any rythym. In fact, the guy I play best with he only teamed us up during a practice session. Weird. Man, if we played a match together -- we'd clean up! Total for the day: $1.62

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Brian said...

Awesome find. I've often found coins in these machines, but once, before the blog for of my quest, I found a similar cache: dozens of pennies, mostly wheat-backs.