Monday, March 19, 2007

FMJ - Day 356

March 19: Found 36 cents and a 5 pence coin from Britain. At ARCO on Madera Rd., I found a penny. In the afternoon, a stop at Albertson's on Madera Rd. with Ajay and we find a quarter, dime and the British coin in the CoinStar machine.

Today's Stats
Day's Finds: $.36
Bottles & Cans Collected: 16
Running Stats
This month: $4.22
2007 Finds: $33.61
Since FMJ Blog Inception: $217.60 (March 28, 2006)
Total Found for FMJ Fund: $678.01 (since 1-1-2000)
Number of Bottles and Cans Collected: 135 for the month.
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $735.89


nhcardhunter said...

I don't find many coins in those coin star machines though I the only I've ever seen in this area is at the Hannaford supermarket. I'm sure there are more, though. Good work on the coins and bottles, Andy.



tAnYeTTa said...

how much are bottle/can returns? how can i find this info out? i live in riverside county. i always see cans/bottles and wondered if it was worth it to recyle for coins