Thursday, March 22, 2007

FMJ - Day 359

March 22: One penny found... actually it was found on Day 358 in the evening. Didn't want to cook a dinner... so, we went to Pagoda, our favorite Chinese restaurant, in Porter Ranch, CA which is about 9 miles from our house. Upon returning to our car, I find the penny in the middle of the space next to ours. NO further finds.

Found 10 bottles. (I'll add these to Day 360 results.)


change is a good thing said...

While out at the mall last night I found $.52. Two quarters in the food court that someone dropped at their table, then were too lazy to bend down and pick up. I waited for them to leave and retrieved them. Then 2 pennies in different locations while walking down the main corridor of the mall.

AndyfromSimi said...

Hey, good start... Maybe a new blog is in order? $.52 per day is a little more than $180.00 per year!