Monday, September 11, 2006

FMJ - Day 168

On Day 168, we found a nickel and 4 pennies. The first find occurred during our team tennis match against Pacific Tennis Club -- a penny beside court #8 bench at Arroyo Vista Park. I've joined Moorpark Tennis Club. Our doubles match was fun but, sadly, we lost 7-6, 7-6. The next find was made in the Target Shopping center parking lot in Moorpark. I had an after-match burger at the In-N-Out Burger there. There we found another penny. After the Burger, I shopped in the Target and found a penny and nickel. In the evening, we picked up the kids who stayed the saturday night with Grandma in Cerritos, CA. Found a penny near the King Dragon Restaurant in Cerritos. We did Carry-out chinese for supper. Total for the day - 9 cents.

FMJ - Total Found: $559.28
Since Blog Inception: $98.66
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $514.00

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