Monday, September 25, 2006

Looks like we're not moving! Day 182

The Found Money Jar staffers are staying in Simi Valley, CA for at least the next year, or so. We are staying put... my wife met the new SVP at her old company on a business trip last week and decided that she's not the type of personality (reptilian bitch) that she could work for and mesh with well. So, until there's another opportunity or a change in management, I gather we will be planting some roots here. I didn't want to move anyway... so, there! The universe is back in balance! I've played tennis for 2 hours or more for 21 days this month and lost 13 pounds... why would I ever want to move back to a cold winter climate? Forget about it!

Back to business: For day 182, we made just one find of a dime. We found it in the food court at Cerritos Mall.

Recycling returns: $6.80

FMJ - Total Found: $565.53
Since Blog Inception: $104.91
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $531.44


Mrs. Krabs said...

Moving is such a pain, isn't it? We moved a few months back and I still have a few boxes that I haven't even opened. Congrats on the weight loss by the way.. tennis is an awesome way to burn them calories up!!

AndyfromSimi said...

Thanks. Before moving to Simi Valley last year, we moved 4 years prior to our house in Potomac Falls, VA... it wasn't too bad, just 5 miles from our townhouse in Reston, VA. The move to California was 2800 miles. We're still in the process as most of our belongings are in storage. Yep, moves are mostly hassle. I'm not too keen on doing once more.