Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Our second dividend from our purchase of Glimcher Realty Trust (GRT-NYSE) was posted to our account on 4/16/2007. This dividend was $9.48... each time we reinvest in the stock we receive a little extra dividend the next time around as we pick-up more shares. There's nothing like compounding!

Got another .361 partial share for the dividend. Now, we hold 20.088 shares at a cost of $26.843671 per share for a total value of $549.61 from an investment cost of $520.46 in December 2006. Our new holding has grown by $29.15 in just 5 short months.

We also received an interest credit in the savings account on 3/31/2007 for $.98.

FMJ Savings Account Stats
Savings Interest 2007: 98 cents
Interest 2006: $1.77
FMJ Savings Account Balance: $18.91
Stock Dividends Stats
Dividends 2007: $ 27.34
Dividends not yet reinvested: $17.10
Dividends for 2006: $34.30
Total Dividends Received: $127.69

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