Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Your Donations Are Welcome Here!

Tonight, I received an email from a regular lurker to this blog. She suggested that I start a "Tip Jar." Well, I'm taking you up on your proposition. After some useless googling, I was able to borrow the source code from someone's blog to set the new donation fund in motion. We'll keep track of these donations and invest them just like we do for the "Found Money Jar" and the "Bottles and Cans Fund." It'll be interesting to see just how much FMJ readers donate... Kind of like little gifts.

Just in case your wondering what we'll eventually do with the "donation fund" monies. I plan dedicate them to teaching underprivileged kids my favorite sport... TENNIS! One day when I'm unable to continue playing competitively in tennis tournaments, I'll spend my days bringing youngsters into the game of tennis... "passing on the religion" as my late father-in-law who was also a tennis nut used to say.

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