Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FMJ Days 375 thru 382

FMJ-375 April 7: Found 13 cents. First find 2 pennies at our Shell Station on Yosemite Ave. just before leaving for our trip the prior day. A dime was found at the 7-11 on Hwy. 111 in Rancho Mirage, CA. Another penny was found at the Renaissance Hotel in Indian Wells, CA.

FMJ-376 April 8: Found a single penny at the Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, AZ.

FMJ-377 April 9: Found 56 cents. Find #1 was 2 pennies at Einstein Bagels in Desert Ridge Marketplace. Then, Maya found a penny at Old Navy. Ajay found a penny at Slice Pizza in Desert Ridge Marketplace. In the afternoon, I found 2 quarters and 2 pennies on a lunge chair table as the "lazy River' pool was being closed for the day at the J.W Marriott in Desert Ridge where we stayed while in Phoenix, AZ.

FMJ-378 April 10: Found two pennies at the Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, AZ. My wife loves her shopping... she spent $800.00 in 3 hours at this lavish and swank shopping mecca.

FMJ-379 April 11: Found 32 cents. Find #1 was at an early morning breakfast by myself at McDonald's on Cave Creek Rd., a few miles from Desert Ridge. Find #2 was a dime at the Einstein Bros. Bagels again. Find #3 was 3 pennies but I have forgotten where. Find #4 was a penny from the sidewalk at Desert Ridge Marketplace. Find #5 was a dime, a nickel and 2 pennies at the Border's at the Biltmore Shopping Center off Camelback Rd.

FMJ-380 April 12: Upon leaving Desert Ridge, we made a gas stop at Danny's Market in Desert Ridge. I found 11 cents there in form of a nickel and 6 pennies. In afternoon, a stop for lunch at Anthem Outlets just north of the Phoenix Area along U.S. Rt. 17 and I found 2 dimes, a nickel and penny. 37 cents total for day 380.

FMJ-381 April 13: $1.07 for this day. I found three pennies at a nondescript gas station in Aqua Fria, AZ. In the evening, Maya found a one dollar bill on the sidewalk near the Chinese restaurant in West Sedona. Another pit-stop at the Giant Gas Mart in Oak Creek Village, AZ produced 4 pennies.

FMJ-382 April 14: Found 13 cents at our the Hilton Sedona in the lobby. I almost sat right on the coins... they were left in my chair by an unwitting contributor.

TOTAL of money found on this vacation: $2.61

Of note: I received a 1964 Silver Washington quarter as part of my change from a small purchase along this trip. I discovered it this morning as I was cleaning out my travel kit where I keep all my pocket change during vacations and travels.

Running Stats
This month: $2.80
2007 Finds: $38.44
Since FMJ Blog Inception: $222.43 (March 28, 2006)
Total Found for FMJ Fund: $682.84 (since 1-1-2000)
Number of Bottles and Cans Collected: 216 for the month.
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $753.09

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tAnYeTTa said...

i love it! i found a dime the other day and once again i always think of this blog. :)