Friday, November 03, 2006

FMJ - Day 222

November 3, 2006: We found 6 cents -- all pennies. The first find happened at Del Taco on L.A. Ave. in the morning. There I found a penny near the condiments. After that, a stop at the 99 Cents Only store across the street and... a penny in and a penny on the way out. The next find was made at the vacuums at the Alliance Gas station on L.A. Ave. -- after picking up the kids from school we stopped there to wash the Jag and found 2 pennies. Topper's Pizza for dinner and our final penny find was made searching for a table. So, there you have it.

We recycled a week's worth or more of bottles and cans making $9.28 for the B&C Fund.

Administrator's note: The actual bottle we use for the "Found Money Jar" is at capacity just about and we will soon need to roll up all the coins. I recently made a bank deposit to account for it's contents upto a few days ago. I'll take a picture before we empty it. It usually sits right here next to the computer on my desk. Any suggestions for its glamour shot?

Hey, if you want to hear some good music check out the duet that Micheal Buble sings with this italian singer -- Laura Paulisini. WOW! They sing the old Lou Rawls song "You'll Never Find..."

FMJ - Total Found: $624.65
Since Blog Inception: $164.03
Number of Bottles and Cans Collected Today: 16
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $578.72

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