Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's in the Jar?

July 4th afternoon, Ajay, Maya and I did an inventory on the Jar's current residents... The jar harbors some foreign coins from Mexico, England, Canada, Phillipines and the European Union Countries. So, if you were wondering just what U.S. Currency and coinage were contained in the Found Money Jar...

Here's your answer:

1 $20 bill
3 $ 5 bill
8 $ 1 bill

75 Quarters
149 Dimes
65 Nickels
869 Pennies

What does it add up to?


The above amount represent an overage of 58 cents from what the FMJ blog records attest to be contained in the Found Money Jar. How can this be explained when we keep such fantastic records of all the finds? I chalk it up to a little guy named Ajay and probably our cleaners -- Mr. Pedro and his lovely wife who are of the utmost honesty and probably drop the coins they find cleaning our house into the jar. They're not aware of the Found Money Jar project and are absolved of any malice in throwing off the count. As for my son, I'll just let it slip for now.

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