Thursday, August 09, 2007


August 9: I found a single penny at McDonald's. We experienced our first earthquake at 12:58AM since moving to Simi Valley, California in October 2005. The earthquake measured 4.6 on the Richter Scale and was centered about 3 miles away from our house.

What did the Quake feel like? To start-off, we were completely asleep when it struck. At first, the french doors to our master bedroom shook extremely violently and there was this constant rumble sound. My first thought was that someone was breaking into our house. Then, the bed started shaking and hopping! Next thought I had was that we were start to float then tumble. Then, after about 5 seconds, I was asking myself... could this be an earthquake? Sure was! THE HOUSE SHOOK FOR A GOOD 30 SECONDS! We have some friends from the east coast staying with us this week. What a welcome for them! Their first quake, too.

What happened after the quake? A few pictures and books fell. All motion detector lights in the neighborhood turned on... From pitch black to bright light. And, many car alarms were blaring. For us, we incurred a few cracks in the stucco on the house, a crack in our cement driveway and a drain pipe under the sink which dislodged from the Drain's downspout... PLASTIC PIPES SUCK!

My thought about quakes are that you will never know what one feels like until you experience it... It's scary, violent, and EVIL!

The "expert" on T.V. called this one, "a good quake" as it most likely release a lot of ground pressure and may have forestalled a larger quake. Let me tell you, THERE ARE NO GOOD EARTHQUAKES!


roadtoharvard said...

Any good quake is one that doesn't harm your family. I'm glad to hear that they're ok.

Brian said...

Wow, some ride that must have been. Nice post, though. You explained it well for someone who's not yet been to the land of terra in-firma.