Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FMJ - Day 516

August 27: Return trip home. We had to leave Philadelphia at 8:00A.M. to make our flight home from BWI airport in Baltimore. We flew Southwest Airlines by way of Kansas City to Los Angeles LAX. It was a very bumpy flight... Why does Southwest always used the Reverse Thruster when landing? I think they do it to get to gate faster... somehow it saves time, I think. It sure make the landing an event though.

At Kansas City, I found a dime near gate 32. Ajay found a New Zealand 20 Cent Coin and two pennies in LAX. (We brought back cans and bottle from our week long trip in our suit cases -- I'll count them tomorrow.)

Glad to be home.

Today's Stats
Money Finds: $.12
Bottles & Cans Collected:

Running Stats
This Month: $5.81
Last Month: $112.11
2007 Finds: $183.34
Since FMJ Blog Inception: $367.34 (March 28, 2006)
Total Found for FMJ Fund: $827.74 (since 1-1-2000)
Bottles and Cans Collected: 317 for the month.
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $955.73

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