Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FMJ - Day 515

August 26: Nirav's and Archana's Wedding Day. Their wedding was held in the Liberty Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel on Market Street in Philadelphia... What a grand wedding! Family and Friends attended from all over the world... arriving from India, London, Toronto, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Syracuse, and elsewhere unknown. Totally International!

Indian Weddings are quite the party... lots of food, elegant Saris and entertainment. Colorful!

Maya and Ajay dressed in newly tailored traditional Indian garb... they looked like the Maharaja's prince and princess. My wife wore one of the finest Sari I've ever seen... dark blue silk beaded in gold, ruby and emerald... WOW!

Archana, our bride, wore a pink and gold Sari... It was out of this world. Uncle Nirav wore a gold Punjabi, long string of flowers, and a festooned Crown. It was quite a sight to see... you felt as if you had been transported to 12th century Princely India!

Traditional dances and singing... I had sung a song in Hindi I've rehearsed many times in the car and shower. The song, Ajanabe, is from an Indian Movie called Dil Se. The crowd loved it... I totally nailed it! One lady thought I should compete on "Indian Idol!"

Om Thrushdhi!

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