Thursday, May 04, 2006

FMJ blog - Day 37

13 cents found on Day 37 in the form of 8 pennies and 1 nickel. I decided that I would park the car in town and walk to my various errands as I would not be carrying anything back home. Thought I'd save some gas... walked about 4 miles. First stop along Madera Rd. found a penny. Then, I went to lunch at Carl's Jr. and found 4 cents left near the soda dispenser ( a placed gift to the found money jar.) Later, as I was finishing my meal, the restaurant was mostly empty of patrons. A worker-bee came out to sweep up the dining area... as she swept, a few dropped pennies came across her broom. Rather than pick them up, she kept sweeping them into her neat debris pile... she was about to sweep the precious pennies into the trash when I deftly removed them from her pile saving the coins from entering the trashbin never to be seen again. Funny, she works for money but doesn't think two cents is worth her work in picking them up. Weird. Next find was a lone penny along the sidewalk from my daughter's school. Then, upon returning to our car , I found a nickel resting near my left back tire... kind of like it was placed there for me to find. Maybe the god of conservation rewarded my humble start in trying to conserve gasoline. Hmmm?

FMJ Total Found: $465.96
Since Blog Inception: $6.44

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