Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 50 (New Project!)

We found three pennies on Day 50. All were found along Biscuit's walk. Good Dog.

Well, I've kept up with this blog for 50 days now -- Easy as Pie! Along with this found money blog, some of you may know that the kids and I collect bottles and cans for the CRV turn-in deposit fees. We find them along the dog walks and at the parks and tennis courts and, of course, some are donated from our neighbors and relatives. From this day forward, the blog will report those the return funds from our recycling. All funds derived from that project are separate and not co-mingled. Since October 2005, the Bottles and Cans recycling fund account has grown to $358.38. A monthly deposit of these funds are made to a savings at our credit union. As time goes on, these funds will also be invested in dividend paying stocks in their own account. Can't wait to see how the B&C fund grows.

FMJ - Total Found: $470.10
Since Blog Inception: $10.38
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $358.38


Brian said...

Neat to keep track of the recycling fund. I wish we had that in Jersey. We should try to figure a way for me to get you my cans for cashing in Simi!

Anonymous said...

Brian - bring 'em down here to Delaware! They pay by the pound, not the can, but I do cans, and bottle returns (5 cents/bottle - beer and soda 20 ouncers). We're not soda drinkers, but the guys I work with are, big time. We use our "bottle bills" to take ourselves out to dinner around the holidays (Dec-Jan); last year's take was $108 on bottles; and I always thank the guys who put they're bottles aside for me - they get it, but don't feel like doing it themselves; "Thanks John-Boy, Thanks Woody, Thanks Mel... Tonight's our Olive Garden bottle night!" I didn't start doing cans until we moved to our present location last March, 2005 -- just didn't have the room. It was 50 cents/pound when I last took them in October. Not sure what it is now; but the Chinese are buying up metals and commodities prices are flying higher. I do copper, too - stripped wire is paying $1.80/pound, clean pipe $1.50. I know too many guys in the trades where I can get freebies to pass it up. Last copper recycling drop brought $72.

Andy - so you really do put your Found Money & recycling $$ into an investment account! Good for you! I always wondered what you & Brian actually, physically, Did with it.

If you're interested, someday I'll tell you what I do with ours. But, be forewarned, I've been accused of being a little bit OCD when it comes to certain money things....