Thursday, May 11, 2006

People who throw away money... Loose it!

What a day today has been! Great Day! Total found for Day 45 -- $1.78!

This morning while taking our bottles and cans to the recycling center, Ajay found our first find near the cashier -- a penny. Then, I found a penny in the return hopper of the Coinstar machine. As we walking out to our car, I found a dime near the soda machine and AJay spied three quarters in the coin return slot.

It would seem that my rant about people literally throwing away pennies paid off. The found money god blessed me with another 63 cents... Where did the change come from... The trash, of course! This afternoon while dumping our garbage, I noticed a large Vodka bottle and realized it had coins at the bottom... Maybe residuals from a drinking game? 1 quarter, 1 dime, 3 nickels, 13 pennies. WEIRD! They must have been really drunk. Later, at tennis practice, I found a quarter near the court bench. This evening, my daughter found two pennies while walking the mall and I found a penny at dinner.

FMJ Total Found: $468.85
Since Blog Inception: $9.13

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Mrs. Krabs said...

A friend of mine had the same thing happen as well in regards to finding a bottle with change in it. It was on campus and apparently she found a little over eight bucks (quarters and dimes) in a wide mouth bottle of ice tea. I'm guessing they must have had a "long island iced tea" as well!