Wednesday, May 10, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 43

Just another penny added on Day 43. We found in at the Wood Ranch Shopping Center on Biscuit's evening walk. Thought we'd "bagel" the day... but, the dog came through. On a side note... sometimes it not money you find but other things on economic value. During last nights walk, I spotted a bag on soda cans left at the recycling machines. In California, there in is a bottle and can deposit... you return your recyclables for deposit return. I turned in last nights cans for a grand total of $3.20! Thanks go to the good citizen who left them for me. The kids and I have another fund for our bottle and cans finds - its total is just over $338.00 since moving to Simi Valley in October. I'll report that total here from time to time.

FMJ Total Found: $466.50
Since Blog Inception: $6.98

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Brian said...

I wish N.J. had deposit laws. When I was young, I once saved cans for a week and cashed them in when I visited my grandmother in New York.