Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pennies and Nickels cost too much!

My friends, metal prices for Zinc, Copper and Nickel are so high right now that pennies and nickel now cost the U.S. Mint more to make than their face value... OUCH! Seems our money is worth less and less these days. Tonight, the Los Angeles ABC 7 News ran a report about the cost inflation in minting pennies and nickels. Several people were asked how they thought about the expense of making the coins... The first lady's response, "I just usually throw the pennies in the trash." THROWING AWAY MONEY! DAMN HER! The next few people thought that the government should no longer produce the penny.

Not producing pennies will lead to rounded prices, price inflation, and gouging! It's anti-competitve and not good for the average consumer! Please think twice when considering getting rid of pennies... For young children and the poor, the penny represents an easy form of savings. Let's keep the penny! Save and treasure it! And, of course, keep it to leave them around for the FOUND MONEY JAR!

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