Thursday, June 01, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 65

Total finds on Day 65 -- $2.22 -- 2 dollar bills, 1 dime, 1 nickel, 7 pennies.

First find was 2 pennies along Biscuit's morning walk. In the afternoon, we found a dime at the 7-Eleven while paying for some much needed water before playing tennis at Estella Park -- (It was very HOT!) In the evening, we went to Simi Valley TownCenter Mall where we found 5 pennies and a nickel as we putzed around. As the mall's shops were closing, we found 2 crumpled $1 bills folded together near the fountain in front of Macy's. Finding paper money is always a thrill... especially when it's folded. You wonder how much there is as you approach, as if it were a wrapped gift, then surprise... not just one note -- TWO! FUN TIMES!

FMJ - Total Found: $474.89
Since Blog Inception: $15.29
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $383.88

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