Monday, June 26, 2006

FMJ - Days 89 & 90

Saturday our trip to the Westfield Fashion Square Mall yielded a total of 23 cents -- 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 8 pennies.

Sunday was a day for house hunting... hence, no shopping really except for a stop at Island's Restaurant for lunch... they have the best french fries and give a special take-home box for them that's designed for reheating... neat. I had a bowl of their bottomless chicken tortilla soup... quite filling as I only partaked in a single bowl. My daughter had a Birds of Paradise chicken sandwich, my wife -- a veggie burger and my son ate his standard -- chicken fingers... I swear that boy is really half chicken nuggets and half cheese quesadilla. BTW, this past week seemed like price reduction week for houses in Simi Valley -- many houses had 10K-20K reductions -- There are now over 900 houses offered for sale here... one house we're considering dropped its price by $50,000 this week alone. The house originally was offered at $814,950... now, it's $699,950. Still, the house does need some repairs and remodeling to update it for our taste... it does have a large 14,000 sq. ft. lot... I've been thinking about buying it and adding a pool & 1 bedroom cabana house on the sloped backyard hill... maybe terrace it with a patio and retaining wall. The house backs to a golf course in Indian Hills Ranch. My wife thinks it's a dog... I see its potential. The sellers of the house are going to loose their deposit on their new house if they don't find a buyer by July 18th. They need to put this into escrow. Oh, well...

We also return $5.92 worth of CRV bottles and cans to the recycling center.

FMJ - Total Found: $480.98
Since Blog Inception: $21.38
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $422.36

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