Sunday, June 25, 2006

Westfield Fashion Square Mall

Yesterday, we stopped at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks, CA on our way to Cerritos to pick up my daughter who spent the last few days with her grand-aunts. She had a great time helping her aunty in her Jewel Art bead Shop... she's a real sales girl now. Anyway, the Fashion Square Mall was an excelent place for change hunting... We found at least 8 pennies, a nickel and a dime... but, I left the change in the car... and haven't gotten up yet to retrieve it... I'll update later. The best thing about the mall is that there is a 4 level Macy's and a Bloomingdale's there. The floors are a brown stone inset inside a bordering white marble tile... good for hiding dropped coins. Lots of overhangs and bump-outs on the interior store windows which is also good for hiding the coins as they roll away from the dropper. Good food court... if your hungry.

I think I'll suggest shopping there more often... My son was kept very busy playing our change hunting spy game.

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