Friday, June 30, 2006

FMJ - Day 94

A 1986 quarter was found on Day 94 while having lunch at Topper's Pizza on Erringer Rd. in Simi Valley. (I put the mintage year in this post as it reminded of my High School graduation and having my last slice of Pizza ever at Romano's Pizza which was located across the road from my high school in Gaithersburg, MD. Romano's closed a little while after graduation. Why? I will never know. They sold a large slice of pizza for $1.00 and fountain sodas for 55 cents... Must have been my lunch 3 days a week in high school.) "The times of Life never come back. Enjoy em' while you can."

Turned in $2.68 worth of recycling on Day 94.

FMJ - Total Found: $481.25
Since Blog Inception: $21.65
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $431.24

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Bailey said...

Another change blog! I just found you!

I like the idea of going for $10,000 with stocks and such. Keep it up, and I'll be back!