Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Challenge

Today, I figured out just how many more bottles and cans we need to collect to stay on our target of reaping $1,000 in our bottles & Cans Fund by its second anniversary!

We need to add $155.71 to the fund and we have just 107 days to go. Total bottles and can needed: 3,115! That's collecting 30 per day! What a challenge.


Road to Harvard said...

Do you solicit others for their cans or do you simply pick them up when you find em?

I have trouble finding more than 5 per day and that stems from just walking about. Share your secrets please!

If you want to read about my efforts i'm at www.roadtoharvard.com

AndyfromSimi said...

At this time, it's mostly our family and a few friends who donate... The kids and I also collect them from the tennis courts after our practice, at their school's yard, or along walks.

I've have a business idea around recycling... and will start it in September when the kids are back in school.

Brian said...

Wow, Andy, way to go. It's hard for me to fathom just what a feat this is, because NJ doesn't do the deposit game, but I wish I lived in a state that does.