Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just got my first quarterly statement from the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PEI) since signing up for their dividend reinvestment program. For our June 2007 dividend of $8.55, we received 0.191 fractional share. Now, the FMJ owns 15.191 shares of PEI at a total investment cost of $306.99. The total of amount of Found Money Jar funds used to purchase the shares was $196.65... the rest is reinvested dividends. As of the statement date of 6/18/07, the PEI shares are worth $676.91 on the open market.

FMJ Savings Account Stats
Savings Interest 2007: 98 cents
Interest 2006: $1.77
FMJ Savings Account Balance: $18.91
Stock Dividends Stats
Dividends 2007: $ 35.89
Dividends not yet reinvested: $17.10
Dividends for 2006: $34.30
Total Dividends Received: $136.24

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