Sunday, April 02, 2006

11 miles walk! FMJ Blog -- Day 6

This morning was absolutely beautiful! Another Amazing Sunday! Got up at 6A.M. (actually, it was 7:00A.M. -- I forgot to set the clocks forward.) Took Biscuit out for a short walk and decided I could use a little walking myself. Maybe it was the intoxicating air. Maybe it was the sunshine. I kept walking and walking and walking; just like Forrest Gump! He ran -- I could only walk. I walked 11 MILES! Holy shit - I did it! Made me feel much younger than 38... I'll feel much older tomorrow morning when I paralyze. At any rate, I found 12 cents during the walk -- all pennies. Later, with the family strolling through shopping district in Pasadena, CA, I found a lone penny. Tonight, at Pagoda Inn, there was a very shiny 2006 model penny that caught my keen eye upon leaving; scooped it. Day total: $.14 Total for the FMJ blog: $.96

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