Monday, April 10, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 14

45 cents found today. Four dimes and 5 pennies. The first find was 2 pennies this afternoon found near some kiddie rides at Mountain Gate Plaza. This evening, as I was waiting to get gas at my ARCO station, a lady of about 28 years of age was using the cash deposit machine to activate her pump. As she opened her wallet, several coins fell to the ground in front of her -- She look down and shook her head then proceeded to insert her bills for the gas purchase. With nary a second look, she turned and walked away like nothing had happened... not caring for the coins she left behind. Well, I was next to make a deposit to activate my pump. I looked down just before attending the machine and to my surprize she left quite a gratuitous amount of coinage -- 31 cents. In the FMJ fund it has gone. This evening on another trip to the Oaks Mall with my lovely bride - I found another 12 cents.

FMJ Total Found: $462.01
Since Blog Inception: $2.49

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