Sunday, April 16, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 19

4 cents and 1 Thai Baht found today. The pennies were all found in Cerritos, CA at the Stater's Grocery Store while shopping for some items for our family dinner with the Aunts and Uncles. The Thai Baht coin was found while helping my wife's cousin clean out their garage for donations to Goodwill. They thought that the coin may have been a leftover from their Dad's world travels -- he's a safety engineer for Boeing Aircraft. Neat guy --- could tell you some very strange stories about the jets we all fly. Not as safe as one might think.

FMJ Total Found: $462.46
Since Blog Inception: $2.94

1 comment:

Brian said...

Sweet find of the Thai baht. I'm not sure I have one of those in my foreign-coin collection.
Brian from L'ville