Tuesday, April 04, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 7

At Carl's Jr. for lunch with my wife and Ajay, a young couple sat next to us. The young man put 2 pennies on the table from his tray -- throughout their dining they remained. Upon leaving, he pushed the coins aside in a jesture to signal he was "too cool" to care for such a small amount as a few cents. I guess he figured it would somehow impress the young girl he was courting in that he "signified" his future earning ability not to care about such trivial amounts or maybe to show her he was not a "cheap-skate" or "overtly frugal." Funny, how guys do things in impress a girl. I would think that just the opposite would impress her sould he have kept the change it would have shown that he was wise about money - a saver, a provider. Certainly, he's not a Rockefeller heir. Anyway, upon busing our table... I quickly scooped the coins. Later, while shopping with the "Great Pre-spender," my wife, Ajay and I played our coin hunting game in the Westfield Mall in Chatsworth. Our take: 26 cents! FMJ Day 7 total: 28 cents. FMJ BLOG Total: $1.24

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