Monday, April 10, 2006

FMJ Blog - Day 13

4 cents found today. The first penny found at the ARCO "aghast" station while filling up. In Simi Valley, the ARCO's have the lowest price for reg. unleaded 87.. I like the one on Madera Rd. -- very convenient. The next two pennies were found along at the corner of Madera Rd. and Wood Ranch Pkwy. while giving our Biscuit an unusally long walk... poor dog was so tuckered out that he went right into his cage and dozed off for the rest of the afternoon. I love long dog walks... a great way to loose yourself. The last penny was found on Pioneer Blvd. in Cerritos, CA. Grandma flew in for spring break to be with our kids. They're spending the whole week in Cerritos with their "Mayma" and two grand-aunts, two uncles and one aunty. I'll bet they'll be having such a fun time that they forget to call home. Mayma will cook all their favorite "mayma foods," take them for shopping and long walks to the park. Also, they'll get to "work" in their uncle's Cartridge World store. Wow... I wish I could trade places and be with Mayma. Anyway, I think I'll use the "away" time to catch up on some movies and play tennis.

FMJ Total Found: $461.56
Since Blog Inception: $2.04

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