Monday, April 24, 2006

Driving Range Token! Woohoo! FMJ - Day 28

This morning while walking Biscuit(monday) I found a "driving range token." Now, my brother-in-law is a good "sometimes" golfer and I'm sure he'd appreciate an extra hopper of balls. I do need clarification on how to value this... as it does have cash value. I will most likely give it to him or go with him to the range and use it myself. Would you add the token's value to your found money totals, or not? I've posed this question to Brian over at Change is Good? His word is as good as gold. If he would at it to his totals, then I'll add it to mine.

My kids found more coins than me today... Ajay found 56 cents, Maya found a nickel on her school playground... and I -- two pennies. I've taught them well. Total for the day - 63 cents.

FMJ Total Found: $464.68
Since Blog Inception: $5.16

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