Friday, April 07, 2006

TGIF! FMJ Blog - Day 11

Total found today: 13 cents in the form of three pennies and a dime. The first penny was found in the change slot of the Coinstar machine at the Ralph's (I wouldn't use those machines - they charge way too much and I'm too wise and frugal.) Next, I found a penny and dime in the parking lot near our house while on a dog walk. This evening, I found the last penny while getting the kids dinner at Jack in the Box.

FMJ Total Found: $461.16
Since Blog Inception: $1.64


PatTheCat said...

I have to say I've enjoyed this blog...I personally wouldn't step over a penny on the sidewalk. But a lot of people do ... I have some theories about this phenomena that I'll share with you sometime.

I love the idea you're investing the found money. You've been at it for a while. I just started 'keeping' my found money in October -- October 1st, the day I returned to work after having surgery. Before that we just used it to buy powerball tickets when we accumulated a dollar. I wouldn't use my hard-earned money for lottery, but maybe, superstisiously, founf money should be Luckey money, gift from the universe. My job has me on the streets, in both good & bad neighborhoods, commercial and residential areas. Since October I've got just over $42 in my jar.

Not to criticize, but I can't help but notice in your blog how much you folks eat out & go shopping. Seems incongruous for someone so "wise & frugal"... just a thought.

More another time - I've got a honey-do list longer than my arm today, and not enough time. Which is why I don't have my own blog...

AndyfromSimi said...

Dear Anon. friend,

Welcome to the Found Money Jar blog. Thanks for visiting. Your very right, we do shop a lot and eat out. This is L.A. after all. As for the "wise and frugal," marriage is like playing doubles in tennis... a good doubles team usually has two players who have oppossing strengths... I am frugal, savings concious and my wife is a spendthrift but earns a lot of money. Hence, I write the FMJ blog.
Andy from Simi