Saturday, December 30, 2006

FMJ - Day 279 $5 bill found.

December 30, 2006: Big Day! This morning, I attended a "moving sale." This poor chap lost his job in construction and was in a big hurry to down-size. He had a very nice set of golf clubs... Arnie Palmer driver, pro-tour woods and irons with new Ping grips, newish style golf bag in blue. "How much for the clubs?" I asked... "$75!" says the man. "I've got $40 on me," I say back. He looks around at all the others in attendance and realizes that the 40 or so Amigos from below our southern border scavenging his belongings probably can't offer more and, most likely, aren't the golfing type and grudgingly replies... "sold." Whipped out the cash from my wallet... I had more in my pocket but he didn't need to know that. Needless to say, the kids and I spent the better part of the afternoon at the driving range. FUN TIMES!

We did make finds... sure did. First find was two pennies at the Jack in the Box on L.A. Ave. Stopped in after tennis this morning. Next find made with the family at IN-N-OUT Burger... a quarter and a penny. Along Biscuit's afternoon walk, I found a nickel.

In the evening, we all went shopping at the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, CA. Ajay and I scooped up a folded $5.00 bill from near the Panda Express. We also found a dime and six pennies in other places the mall. As we were leaving the mall, I spotted a gift card for a major retailer dropped in our path. I picked it up wondering if it had any value. A few cents left on it... maybe. Too curious to leave it alone... I stopped by this place on our way home and asked a clerk to check it for me... $30.00 available! Hmmm. I didn't actually think it was worth anything. Well, "Gift Cards" have owners and they begin somewhere and need to end somewhere. And my moto in life has always been that honesty is the best policy. Wouldn't be fun knowing that someone out there was short a Christmas gift. As much as I would love to add it to the FMJ fund... I will turn it in on Tuesday when I return to the mall.

On the bottle and can collecting front, today was also very fruitful. A neighbor left a large bag full of cans - 59 to be exact. Then, I found a case of 12 spent Corona's plus a few soda cans near the yard sale guy's house. 4 bottles at tennis. 4 during shopping and... a few more along the way. 90 in total.

Today's Stats
Finds: $5.49
FMJ - Total Found: $644.10
Since Blog Inception: $183.49
Number of Bottles and Cans Collected: 90/510 this month
Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $639.68


Mrs. Krabs said...

Your honesty is refreshing, Andy. If I would find a gift card, I"m not so sure I'd turn it in since it would be hard to track the owner. Happy Holidays! Congrats on the five spot as well :)

Brian said...

Awesome day.

I have to ask about this pastrami dip. It sounds awesome

Bailey said...

Congrats on the $5, and very nice that you are returning that gift card!