Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanks... Pepsi!

A few days ago, I lost money in a non-working Pepsi machine here in Simi Valley... a whole buck. I called our local Pepsi bottler to report the machine's bad behaviour. Yesterday, I received coupons from Pepsi for "FREE PRODUCT." I sent 2 coupons for any 2-litre Pepsi Product and 2 coupons for 20 oz. Aguafina . Needless to say, I promptly cashed them in! I drink quite a lot of sodas... so, the coupons were really free money for me. Upon payment for the 2 Pepsi, 2 Aquafina (and I also bought a Propel Fitness Water and 2 Diet 7-UPs), I only paid $1.06. I had a buy one - get one free coupon for the 7-UP... the cashier gave credit for the $.169 full price even though the 7-up was on sale for $1.00... he also "doubled" a coupon. So, 4 large bottles of soda and 3 waters for $1.06 including tax and CRV deposit. I'll get 48 cents back when I return the bottles. WHAT A DEAL!

Of course, there is still the matter of the lost $1.00 in the machine... so, I paid actually $2.06 in all.
If I had to pay for it without the coupons... $9.47 with my Ralph's Club card. My savings... $7.41!

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