Friday, December 15, 2006

New Investment for the FMJ Funds.

Today, I swept the savings account that holds cash from FOUND MONEY JAR... as there was $520.46 in the account that is what I invested. Through a brokerage account with that I maintain for these special situations, I purchased 19.377 shares of Glimcher Realty Trust (Symbol - GRT) at $26.85 per share.

So, here are the investments comprising the FMJ Fund.

PEI 15 shares
GRT 19.377 shares

Total value of these two holdings: $1,100.10
Total cost including dividend reinvestment: $717.11

Dividends expected for 2007: $71.40

By this time Dec. 2007, the FMJ Fund should cross the $1,300 mark. Keeping them crossed!

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Bailey said...

I like what you did with your posts on the left side. How did you do that?