Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Recycling Turn-in for 2006!

December 29, 2006: Well, the year of 2006 is almost over. What a year it's been. Between settling our new California residence, completing our move, buying new cars - 3 cars since December of 2005 - and now a move to our new rental house in January, 2007. Busy... very busy. I'm really ready to simmer down and devote time to enjoying the peace. All signs point to a slowing of the housing market now. For sale inventories are way above any historical norms... the sales pace is slowing eventhough there's been lower interest rates and a slip in prices. Looks like we've got some more downturn in the national housing market with all these exotic low-payment ARM loans recasting to higher rates in the spring of 2007. For all these reasons, my wife, a 20 year veteran of the housing finance industry and I think we'll rent for another year. Why buy a house that will fall in price over the next year, or two. I'm quite content in our decision and we've been homeowners for the last 18 years. I still own some properties back east and residential lots here in California. So, I won't feel like I'm missing any boat should the market bounce back in the interim. Houses I've been watching here in Cali are now about 10 to 12% off their highest asking prices. I feel they need to fall another 10 to 15% to make a buying decision more comfortable. Maybe 2008.

Earlier today, I went to the Wood Ranch Recycling Center to make our last 2006 return of our CRV bottles and cans. We received $5.80 for our last trip. Also, found some coins. Report them tonight.

Afterwards, I went to the Subway sandwich shop and used a meal ticket that I won at the kids' school Harvest Festival auction. Paid $5.00 per ticket... It would have cost me about $6.79 for the steak and cheese I devoured in about 5 minutes. I won 4 meal tickets for Tommy's Hamburger's and 4 for Subway. Paid $40.00 in total... the meals I'll eat with them would cost me about $55.00. I guess I did alright in the auction. Also, won a one month Gold's Gym membership for $20.00... might need it to work of the Subs and Burgers.

Bottles & Cans Return Fund: $639.68

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nhcardhunter said...

Andy, you have been busy. Yes, I think a slowdown might be in order. I always say, there's nothing like a little rest and relaxation.

Keep up the good work!